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Customer service sucks for the most part. I just don’t know why, because it is so easy to have good customer service. All you have to do is follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat people as you would a friend or family.   Easier said […]

I am not sure if you noticed or not, but Azigo has been pretty quiet over the last 6 months. That is getting ready to change. We’ve been holed up trying to decide the best way to take our company. How do we serve our users, make some money for our investors, and create something […]

It is a notoriously difficult endeavor to change one’s habits on the Internet. Utilizing game mechanics to motivate innovative, disciplinary thinking on the world wide web is a clever method that several companies like Four Square and SCVNGR have now adopted. Baydin’s The Email Game is one of the more popular apps out there today, […]

BOSTON, MASS. September 19, 2012. Two Boston-based technology companies focused on bringing innovation to email are working together to deliver a next generation experience. “PowerInbox technology brings a new level of interaction to individual emails. Each becomes an app you can interact with directly. They’re simply more compelling,” said Paul Trevithick, Founder and CEO of […]

BOSTON, MASS. September 10, 2012. Azigo®, Inc., an angel-backed internet startup has announced that it is launching the public beta of today. turns dealing with hundreds of emails and account relationships with your favorite companies into a fast, visual, enjoyable experience. “Azigo is about marketing on your terms,” says Paul Trevithick, founder and […]

Francesca Robin’s article with the wild title The emerging market that could kill the iPhone leads with this: A handful of tech startups are competing for a foothold in the nascent market for personal data control. And that could mean major changes for the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft. We’ll see! It’s early days. Its […]

Way back in the days, the buyer notified the market of the intent to buy, and sellers competed for the buyer’s purchase.

The January 22 issue of AdWeek features a great story by Ki Mae Heussner titled “Whose Life Is It, Anyway?” In the story, Ki Mae examines the issue of online personal data from many angles. She examines companies who collect data anonymously and sell it to marketers for targeting purposes, and the consumer and regulatory […]


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